Children work with fibre to turn a white fleece into a red scarf

Over a period of ten weeks, every Thursday after school, a group of children came to the studio to experiment, learn and explore.  They had all woven on the looms before, and they were excited to be able to learn and experiment some more.  The children already knew these classes were more about them


Mother & Colleague

There’s no better way refocus on a person in your life than to have a stranger say just one word ‘wow’. I had this happen a few weeks ago when a journalist phoned


Off to School with my Trusty Loom

I was very privileged to be invited to Mater Dei Catholic School to spend a couple of mornings weaving with two young classes and introduce them to the art of weaving. After showing them the loom and how we use it


How i found myself with a varpapuu loom in my lounge room

So here I am putting my first warp onto my new, very large loom and being amazed by how the unexpected and unplanned can happen and suddenly you are going down a completely new path.
I absolutely love my loom – my first one, that is.

It is a Saori floor loom, small, versatile, and so very beautiful. It is perfect. Just occasionally I want to weave something larger than the width allows, but a little creativity soon solves that.


My First Warp & the Forgiveness of Wool

I am one of those people who buys flat pack furniture and only opens the instructions when all attempts to work it out for myself have failed. I learn best through the doing and tend to dive into something and think about it later.

And so it was with my first warp.