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Children’s Full Day Class – 2022 Dates Tbc

In this full day weaving class your child will make a more complex piece, or extend their skills by sewing their work into a bag or cushion. We will also card the fleece and try some spinning and plying.
Time – 10am-3pm
Included – looms, material & morning tea. Please bring own lunch.
Cost – $110

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A few words from Fiona 

After 18 years in the childcare industry I still love to see the creativeness of children. This comes out when the right materials are made available and they are free to do with it exactly as they choose. There are no mistakes in the weaving I teach. 

This gives children a wonderful sense of achievement. The benefits to children of weaving is double-sided. Firstly the rhythmic side-to-side movement and alternate left/right pedalling of weaving enhances learning outcomes by using both sides of the brain. And secondly, for children to have a space where they can create something purely out of their own imagination, in a safe and non-judgemental environment enhances their sense of wellbeing and self-esteem. Here are just some of the benefits for children:

  • fun & creative
  • learn about alpacas and yarn production
  • offers a relaxing, tactile experience
  • develops eye hand coordination
  • increases focus and attention
  • promotes left right coordination
  • develops fine motor skills

Our classes are all about your child exploring their own creative abilities. We guide them so they can rightfully feel proud of their finished piece.

In our general weaving classes children learn the simple technique of weaving on our floor looms. We also have small tapestry looms, circular peg looms, pompom makers and more. Whenever possible we also visit the alpacas and see their fleeces and how we card and spin it into yarn.

Children are free to choose what they would like to make. Mostly, they like to weave & only later do they decide if they would like to make something from their piece or keep it as is.

Dates: Classes are currently on-hold. Please watch this space for future dates.

Times: TBC
Included: Looms, materials & refreshments all supplied. (please let us know if your child has any allergies). Parents are very welcome to stay. Tea & coffee always available!
Cost: $45 per session for 1/2 day or $110 for full day

Please call Fiona on 0414 478585 to book.

Schools and Preschoolers

If you are a teacher and would be interested in introducing your class to weaving, please give me a call. Two of my looms are portable and I take them in to schools and preschools where the children can make their own small project to keep themselves or a combined project for the school to keep. Not only is this a great learning activity for the children, but can also work well as a fundraiser. Would you like the use of a loom for the full day? Ask me about our hire out service.

Costs vary depending on circumstances and whether you would like the children to make one large piece or individual pieces.

Weaving with Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs are very welcome. There’s a special place in our hearts for each child who wishes to find mindfulness in the small creative things. The rhythmic left/right movement of weaving is said to have a beneficial effect of relaxation and relieving stress. Through skill-based learning, weaving allows children to express themselves with confidence and without fear of judgement. The therapeutic benefits of weaving on a floor loom include improved motor skills, social interaction and self-direction. Through the free choice of colour & texture of the yarns, to independently working the loom, children learn self-confidence and gain self-esteem.

We try to be as flexible as possible with days & time frames so please feel free to give us a call to discuss any ideas or queries.


The best place for festivity and fun to say the least. A maximum of 5 children so each child has their own loom to weave on. We help the children to weave a piece to take home while you concentrate on the celebrations. There is a large array of wools for the children to freely select from and with just a small amount of instruction, children as young as 5 will be able to weave themselves a piece to take home. When they have woven their piece, and while you celebrate with cake and candles, we quickly remove the weavings from the looms and stitch along the edges to prevent the loose threads from coming undone. The pieces are then ready to take home and proudly show to parents and siblings. There is plenty of space both inside and out for the party food and we can even arrange a visit to the resident alpacas if you would like.

Cost is $200 for 5 children (includes all materials necessary for the weaving, plus plates, cups, bowls etc for party food). BYO party food, cake and candles.