Ashculme Textiles


Ashculme Textiles
6 Silverwood Rd, Lake Albert, NSW


Jan 22 2020


10:00 am - 3:00 pm



Full Day Children’s Classes

Our classes are all about your child exploring their own creative abilities. Fiona guides them so they can rightfully feel proud of their finished piece.

In our general weaving classes all the children learn the simple technique of weaving on our floor looms. We also have small tapestry looms, circular peg looms, pompom makers and more. Whenever possible we also visit the alpacas and see their fleeces and how we card and spin it into yarn.

Children are free to choose what they would like to make. Mostly, they like to weave & only later do they decide if they would like to make something from their piece or keep it as is.

Please Note
The full day class is suitable for children who have already had some weaving classes.  After a morning of weaving we will sew the woven pieces into bags, pillows etc – it is up to the children, whatever they think they’d like to make, if it is possible, we will make it happen.  Depending on interest of the particular group we may also plan carding, dying and spinning.  Please bring lunch