our alpaca family

We currently have 8 alpacas, two boys and 6 girls.  Prince, in both name & nature, was the first to arrive alongside his half sister Sadie.  Even now, a couple of years later, they still hang out together as best buddies.  Prince is a rich shiny grey, while our other male – Coco, is the colour of melted milk chocolate.  Vanity is the matriarch of the group, she stands proud and all the other alpacas know to wait their turn at breakfast time.  Sadie, Penelope, Loretta, Layla & Cordelia make up the rest of the group, some young, some old, but all equally beautiful in nature.

Other than Cordelia, our alpacas are all Suris, a rare variety that makes up just 10% of the australian population. Suri is a superior animal fibre, being resilient in wear, warm in winter, cool in summer and with a silky lustre and beautiful drape it is understandably considered a luxury fibre.  As it has no lanolin it is also hypo-allergenic, making it an attractive alternative for sensitive skins. It is naturally water repellent and difficult to ignite.
Suri fibre differs from that of the Huacaya breed in many ways. It is silky soft in texture, with a glorious lustre. It’s luxurious softness makes it suitable to wear against the skin without any prickliness.

It is also tricky to work with and very scarce.  For that reason my plans to card and spin the fibre had to be rethought.  Too many gorgeous locks were ending up on the floor instead of in the yarn, and the finished product needed to be of the highest quality to do justice to it.  So now I send the fleeces to a nearby family run mill, where they expertly turn it into the fine yarn you see in the ponchos, wraps & scarves.  My soon to come sustainable fashion eco line will be produced solely from our alpacas, those of a select few neighbouring farms and processed locally.  They will be true paddock-to-product items that have travelled no further than 300kms