Our process

Our creative mission really is full of hand made love. Each individual item takes many hours through our paddock to product process.

We make every attempt to tread lightly on the earth around us, keeping our operations ethically sound

Our tribe of Suri alpacas currently has eight members, each different from the next, each unique in look and personality; from the head honcho Prince, who took it upon himself as first to arrive to lead the pack, to the matriarch Vanity, who lets the others know who’s really in charge.

From the annual shearing in October,  the fleeces go to a local mill where they are washed, carded & spun, before being returned to us, ready for dyeing or weaving.

Fiona dyes all her own yarn, using natural dyes and rainwater.  The rainwater flows directly from the tank and on into the garden after use, reducing the environmental footprint to almost zero.

The merino used for the warps in the majority of the pieces is grown & processed in NSW.  The cotton comes from a sustainable cotton farm in Queensland.  Other yarns used for detailed work is from existing supplies, op shop finds or likeminded small businesses

We uphold our values by supporting local businesses and being sustainable every step of the way.  We are proud to be able to send both our new and loyal customers beautiful, unique items that are grown, designed, created, packaged and sent to you with love, transparency and integrity.

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