Alpaca and Wool Wrap or Throw Hand Woven and Hand Spun

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Hand spun alpaca makes this wrap especially warm an soft

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I source both Huacaya and Suri Alpaca fleeces from our own herd and those of local small scale farms. This gives me a wonderful choice of fleeces in natural shades of white, fawn, brown, rose grey and black.

Before weaving this wrap I first carded and spun the alpaca fleece. I then wove it with a black wool for the warp. The yarn is undyed and has been sourced locally, making it a truely paddock-to-product and sustainable accessory.
At either end of the wrap is a strip of teal in pure wool that contrasts with the brown and white of the alpaca fibre.

60cm x 2mtr in length.

When you’re not wearing it, this comforting wrap can be used as a throw, adding warmth and softness to any room in your home or while you travel.

Alpaca fibre is resilient and this wrap will keep its shape and softness for years.
Should you need to wash it, do so by hand only, squeezing out excess water by folding it in a towel and pressing down. Do not wring. Dry laid out flat if possible. Not to be tumble dried. Iron with a cool iron, protecting it with a cotton or linen tea towel.