Floor Play Mat for Baby or Child

A generous sized play mat ideal for babies and young children quilted in pure cotton

Batik cotton, pure cotton fill & soft, fine calico backing

​From the cenre to the outer hexagonal point is 60cm (25in),
apprroximately 120cm across (50″)

Gentle cold machine wash

$320.00 $288.00 incl. GST

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This hexagonal quilted play mat is the perfect addition to your nursery, it is soft enough to lay your baby on and sturdy enough to protect your baby from on the floor beneath. The play rug is also easy to fold and put in a bag to take with you, ideal to have when you need to pop your baby down at an outdoor picnic or inside at a friend’s house.

With a central hexagon of butterflies on a black or white background, the colours of this play mat move outwards through soft yellows, blues, greens to stronger reds and pinks. It is all sewn on a trusted home bernina sewing machine and then the backing and fill is held with meticulous triangles of handstitching.

This baby floor mat is soft enough for the youngest of babies to lie on, or older ones to sit and play on. it is also thick and sturdy enough to stay flat on the ground and withstand the regular movement of your young one.



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