Handbag Quilted in Aboriginal Print


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A Handcrafted Shoulder Bag in Aboriginal Print Cottons

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The handles on this bag are large enough to swing over your shoulder, something that I find very handy when I’m out and about. It has a wide side placket so it opens easily, and with the elasticated button closure it is also secure. The top strip from where the closure is stitched is rigid so it will not accidentally flip open. After stitching the separate pieces of fabric together, Roswitha overstitched each join with a fine black ribbon. This allows each individual design to stand alone and shine.

Inside it is fully lined with three internal pockets for keys, phone etc. One of the pockets has a zip closure.

The length of the bag, excluding the handles, measures 31cm (12in) and it is 26cm (10in) wide along the bottom.
The width of the top edge from one side of the handle to the other is 25cm (12in)
From the top of the bag to the top of the handle is 20cm (8in)