Alpaca & Wool Blanket Hand Woven with Satin Trim

A$ 245.00

Hand spun alpaca woven with pure wool makes this blanket warm and soft.  Ideal for the bed, lounge or car


The alpaca fibre for this handwoven blanket came from the huacaya breed of alpacas on local farms. From the time it came from the farm, all the processing happens here within our family. After spreading it out and selecting the best sections, my father and I card it on the drum carder, I spin it on my mother’s old spinning wheel and then we wash it several times before it is finally ready for the loom. The warp of this blanket is a brown slub wool, with shades of cream and mustard. I wove the blanket in 3 sections, with each section a slightly different shade, and then stitched them together with satin ribbon.

This blanket is perfect for your bed on cold winter’s nights and will also look warm and inviting draped across the lounge. Alpaca fibre is warmer than sheep wool and so this blanket is the perfect choice for your travel needs.

Alpaca fibre is resilient and this blanket will keep its shape and softness for years.
Should you need to wash it, do so by hand only, squeezing out excess water by folding it in a towel and pressing down. Do not wring. Not to be tumble dried. To iron it, use a cool iron and protect the blanket from the iron with a clean tea towel.

This blanket measures 132cm x 114cm
52in x 45in