Handwoven Shawl in Natural White

This shawl is oh so soft, undyed white, with a river of handyded silk running through the length

Length – 158cm
Width – 48cm
Fringe – 10cm

Gentle hand wash

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$275.00 incl. GST

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This handwoven shawl is beautifully warm yet light.  Drape it around your shoulders, either scrunched up around the neck, or draping elegantly over your shoulders and back. When you’re not wearing it, this comforting shawl can be used as a throw, adding warmth and softness to any room in your home or while you travel.

Suri is the softest of alpaca fibres and will drape elegantly around the body – it’s warmer than wool too, so even though this shawl is extra fine, you will feel extra cosy on those cool days and chilly nights.  This shawl can be enjoyed year round, in the winter wear it around your shoulders and in the summer months it can drape beautifully across the lounge or over a bed. Lay it lengthways across the end of a guest bed for that extra welcoming touch.

Handwoven with a warp (those threads tensioned on the loom) of merino from Nundle Woollen Mills in northern NSW and the weft (those threads we weave through the warp) our fine suri alpaca yarn, both are undyed and their natural colours.  Through the length of the weave are threads of silk which I dyed using a natural dye. It is a soft, lightweight shawl, perfect for those chilly summer evenings or autumn days.  Our alpaca products are truely sustainable with all fibre coming from our own herd.  We clean the fleece of vegetable matter and select the best of the locks.  Due to the fragile nature of the suri fibre we then send it to a local small scale mill, just a couple hundred kilometres away.  Once they have cleaned, carded and spun it into the fine yarn, it is returned to us.  We then weave this luxurious yarn as is, in its natural colour, or we gently dye it ourselves, using either natural or gentle non toxic dyes.

​Alpaca fibre is resilient and this shawl will keep its shape and softness for years.
Should you need to wash it, do so by hand only, in warm soapy water, agitating as little as possible.  Squeeze out excess water by folding it in a towel and pressing down. Do not wring. Dry laid out flat. Not to be tumble dried. Iron with a cool iron, protecting it with a cotton or linen tea towel.

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