Handwoven Wall Hanging in Wool and Silk Molten Chocolate

A unique wall hanging that I have named Molten Chocolate.  Made with Silk, wool & cotton

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This wall hanging is hand woven with a mix of wool, cotton and silk.  With the colours of dark browns, blacks, soft green and fawn, the rich dark colours provide the perfect backdrop to the brightness of the silken pink, like raspberry syrup through chocolate and liquorice.
Each thread is woven in with fingers or needle, slowly developing into a pattern all its own. As it takes on a life of its own, no two wall hangings are ever the same, even if I wanted to I don’t think it’d be possible. I start with a palette of colours, a faint idea of how I want these colours to move, and then I see what happens. Over time I have realised that it is this freedom of design that makes for better results.

The fibres are wool, cotton and silk
This wall hanging is hung from a bamboo knitting needle.
It measures 75cm x 30cm (29.5in x 12)

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