Quilted Cot Quilt or Knee Rug in Pastels

Handcrafted Cot Quilt In Cotton Pastels with Organic Merino Fill

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The colours of this exquisite cot quilt are a eclectic mix of pinks, greens, blues and cream. As with all the quilts in our shop It was designed and handcrafted by my mother, Roswitha, a renowned and skilled quilter.

The quilt fits a standard cot and will also keep your baby warm when out and about in the pram. When your baby wants to play the quilt is substantial enough to throw it on the floor so your baby has a clean and familiar surface to lie or play on.

It is the perfect gift for a new and treasured member of the family and is sure to become a family heirloom.

The fabric is 100% cotton and the fill is an organic merino wool.

It measures 68cm x 102cm (27in x 40in)

Gentle machine wash

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