Quilted Gecko Wall Hanging, Textile Art

Add a focal point to your hallway, foyer or living room with this charming quilted frog wall hanging.

It is made of batik cottons, has a thin layer of quilter’s wadding and the backing is a fine calico. It has a wooden rod and cord to hang from. With the use of two large hooks it could also be hung directly from the rod.

65cm x 35cm (25.5″ x 13″)

$420.00 incl. GST

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This quilted wall hanging will add a unique touch to your house, showing off your own unique tastes and style. this is a beautiful quilt to hang on your wall, adding texture and colour to your home. This piece is made by Roswitha, my mother, a quilter of many years. She designs and creates each piece individually so no two pieces are ever the same. Not only beautiful, but exceptionally well made too. On the back, hand embroidered, is the name of the quilt and the date it was made, it is a OOAK unrepeated piece.

Words from the maker – ‘These images for the little Frog and Salamanders I took from paintings I had made a long time ago. I love to do line drawing, but had not tried doing it in quilting. So this new challenge was how to applique thin strips of cloth with free-hand machine stitching without making too much of a mess.

The chosen fabrics were all from the same range of ‘Stonehenge’ which helped with the blending of colours. All three layers are 100% cotton.


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