Quilted Knee Rug, Baby Blanket or Cot Quilt

A versatile quilt to treasure for your newborn or use it yourself

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This handmade quilt with an organic merino fill works equally well as a knee rug for adults, as a small quilt to have in the car, plane or train, ready to be folded into an impromptu pillow or draped over a chilly shoulder. It can also be used either as a cot quilt or for the pram when you are out and about with your young baby. It is robust enough to then put on the floor for your baby to lie on. It is the perfect gift for a new and treasured member of the family and is sure to become a family heirloom.

The colours of this exquisite cot quilt transition seamlessly from russets browns on the outer edge to cream and whites in the centre. As with all the quilts in our shop, it was designed and crafted by my mother, Roswitha, a renowned and skilled quilter.

The fabric is 100% cotton and the fill is an organic merino wool.
This beautiful quilt is equally suitable as a knee rug for those cold evenings or when you are out and about.

It measures 68cm x 102cm (27in x 40in)

gentle machine wash

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