Quilted Wall Hanging 'Each For The Other'

A wall hanging rich in texture and colour to add style and detail to your home

100% Cotton

Includes wooden hanging rod and cord

width – 69cm (27″)
height – 82cm (32″)

$820.00 incl. GST

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This quilted wall hanging is the latest work of textile art by Roswitha. It is a large piece that will add a focal point in the foyer of a hotel, office or business, or look equally elegant and dramatic in your own private home. The colours are strong, but in Roswitha’s style they blend and contrast beautifully, creating a unique movement of shapes and light, from the dark purples and greens below through the glowing yellow to the bold warm reds above. The outer edge is a deep indigo/purple, framing the whole and containing the colours within.

Words from Roswitha
The relationship between red and blue have always fascinated me, both as contrast as well as blending through the mix. In the process of mixing there is a kind of spiralling movement, like when poring dye colour into clean water. This was the theme for the background ribbons, those left and right curves on either side I placed as contrasting gestures to hold their balance as clearer colours each end of the given spectrum. The title is chosen to indicate how each colour can enhance the other.

The design was done on paper, then traced as cut-out patterns for cloth cutting. All concave edges ironed under then applied, pinned in place and then machine top-stitched. The quilting is also zig-zagged along the joins. All three layers are 100% cotton.
The name of this textile art piece is hand embroidered on the back along with the date

This quilted wall hanging, made of both batik and printed cottons, has a thin layer of quilter’s foam wadding and the backing is a fine calico. It has a wooden rod and cord to hang from. With the use of two large hooks it could also be hung directly from the rod.

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