Quilted Wall Hanging in Batik Cottons ‘Swing High, Swing Low”

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A quilt to add colour, texture & imagination to your wall

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Textile Art has always been Roswitha’s passion. This wall hanging is her latest creation and will make a bold addition to the decor of your home. Roswitha’s inspiration comes from the colours that are all around us every day.  All Roswitha’s wall hangings are designed and made by her. After carefully choosing the fabrics and cutting each piece out individually, she lays them all out together, rearranging them many times before they find their final positions in the quilt. She then stitches them carefully together. Once they are all sewn she overstitches it, sometimes adding ribbons and other details. This holds together the fine calico backing and pure cotton fill.

Hang it in the hallway or lounge room and let it start a conversation with visitors. Like a painting, a whole new depth of colour and movement comes to light when you stand back. it will make be a focal point that both you and your visitors will be drawn to every time you pass by, and just for a moment you will be taken in to another world.  Or hang it in your child’s bedroom, where you child’s imagination will be sparked by the movement of colour swinging from deep blues and burgundies down below to the soft pastels of green and coral up above.

It has a rich and deep purple border and a thick black cord for hanging, which is attached to a length of sturdy wood

Measurements 92cm x 39cm or 36in x 15.5in