Soft Grey Pure Alpaca Scarf

Both comfortably soft & equally stylish

Pure Alpaca  (60% suri & 40% huacaya)

Length – 198cm
Width – 24cm

Gentle hand wash



$115.00 incl. GST

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This scarf is perfect for either men or women. It is soft and warm, being woven from pure alpaca, both natural grey and a small amount of hand dyed pink.  Also amongst the weaving you will find some handspun suri alpaca, adding texture and interest. The ends are hand stitched, a process done on the loom alongside the weaving.  This scarf will add a touch of unique style to your winter outfit. Wrap it around your neck when heading out the door on a chilly winter’s day, or dress it up by knotting it and pairing it with smart shoes and jacket.  Either way, the combination of light grey & white, with subtle contrasting lines running both vertically & horizontally throughout will be sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

This scarf is handwoven by myself, Fiona, on one of my floor looms.  From design concept to finished product, I create each piece with attention to detail, always allowing the design to change and grow with the weaving.  The ends are hemstitched, a process done while still on the loom.  The yarn comes from our own herd of alpacas, this un dyed grey coming from Prince, one of two males. Due to the fragile nature of the suri fibre, I send the fleeces to a local mill, who card, wash and spin it for me.

Suri is the softest of alpaca fibres. it’s a little heavier than wool and will drape elegantly around the body – it’s warmer than wool too, so even though this scarf is light, you will feel extra cosy on those cool days and chilly nights.

​Alpaca fibre is resilient will keep its shape and softness for years.
Should you need to wash it, do so by hand only, squeezing out excess water by folding it in a towel and pressing down. Do not wring. Dry laid out flat. Not to be tumble dried. Iron with a cool iron, protecting it with a cotton or linen tea towel.

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