Table Runner in Pure Wool

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A table runner in a soft flecked green wool

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Table Runners add colour, texture and individuality to any room in the house.

I like to use one in the bedroom on the chest of drawers where I can safely put my jewellery at the end of the day, knowing it won’t roll off the hard wood surface and get lost. They are equally useful on a table or sideboard to protect the surface against scratches, or maybe water from a vase of flowers or steaming cup of coffee. Wherever you choose to place it, it will add a new dimension to your furniture, enhancing it rather than overshadowing it.

The green of this runner is flecked with varying shades and through it I have woven a fine and pale thread that gives it a pop here and there.  This mat measures 58cm x 27cm (23in x 11in) which includes the fine black fringe along the length.

Gentle hand wash and line dry. Can be ironed with a cool iron using a clean tea towel over the mat to protect it.