Throw or Blanket Handwoven in Pure Wool Saori Style

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A Saori style Blanket Hand Woven in Pure Wool

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I wove this throw on my Saori floor loom. I wanted the throw larger than the loom allowed, so I decided to do it in three sections, wide in the centre and two narrower ones on each side. Deciding how to join the sections opened up lots of design opportunities, which is always my favourite part of the whole creativity process. I chose the most vibrant of the colours and crocheted the sections together, making the joins both strong, flexible and a design highlight.

A lightweight and soft throw handwoven in pure wools. The graded colour changes across the throw from black and deep purple, through to a vibrant pink.
It will provide warmth and style on a chilly winter’s day or a vibrant splash of colour to any decor. This throw works especially well as a wrap. Wrap it around yourself while you snuggle up with a coffee and your favourite book on a relaxing sunday morning, Or throw it over a chair or bed when visitors come.

Pure Wool

The throw measures 110cm long by 103cm wide.

Gentle hand wash