How does one come to own a bunch of alpacas? How does one decide to use the fleece of those alpacas to create something beautiful, and start sharing those creations with the world?


What began with the decision to fill an empty paddock with some adorable, yet rare, suri alpacas, is today continuing to develop into a hub for creative exploration, for colour and imagination, for finding new passions and for reigniting old ones.

Ashculme Textiles is the culmination of a mother and daughter, whose similar loves for textiles crafts brought them back together after spending 30 years living on opposite sides of the globe. A mother who has spent eight decades with a sewing needle in hand, and a daughter passionate about exploring ancient and contemporary ways to hand-make objects of beauty.

They each work in very different ways, from form, right down to colour selection and pattern preference – with Fiona on the loom, and Roswitha quilting in her own unique style – always coming back to one another to test out ideas.

While Fiona is inspired by the raw beauty of the landscape around her, Roswitha finds inspiration for her contemporary, non-traditional style of quilting in the fabrics and colours she is drawn to.

What is Ashculme Textiles?It’s where colour, texture, creativity, imagination, love, family and nature are spun, woven and sewn together – and the finished product is something truly special.



We make every attempt to tread lightly on the earth around us, in order to keep our operations ethically sound, and keep the gorgeous friends who have made Ashculme Textiles a reality – the alpacas  – happy.

Our tribe of Suri alpacas currently has eight members, each different from the next, each unique in look and personality; from the head honcho Prince, who took it upon himself as first the to arrive to lead the pack, to the matriarch Vanity, who lets the others know who’s really in charge.

They make our ‘Paddock to Product’ mission possible. With the help of a nearby family-run mill who turn our fleece into a fine yarn, the materials that make up our wares never travel more than 400km to get from the coat of the alpacas, to the shawl around your shoulders.



The technique is easy to grasp, the scope of creativity up to you, and the results beautiful and rewarding. Our adult weaving classes and workshops are designed to provide a relaxed environment where you can explore a new skill, or rekindle a love for one that has been forgotten.

Our floor looms are ready to go when you enter the studio, but if you’re unsure on how it works, a quick introduction will have you whipping together a scarf, shawl or wall hanging in no time at all.

In addition to our social weaving hub on Tuesday evenings, we also hold an open studio day, where you’re free to use a loom in your own time for your own project, and unique workshops hosted by ourselves, as well as visiting guest teachers.



When it comes to our children, we are seeing the need for more mindful, calming activities that also work to boost self-esteem and encourage independence; free from judgment and peer pressure.

This is why we developed our weaving classes and workshops for children. Weaving is an incredibly mindful activity for children of all ages, which allows them to explore their creativity in a fun and constructive way.

Our classes are all inclusive, and participants need no prior experience with the art form. It’s the perfect way to wind down after school or during the holidays, and unplug from devices and technology for just a little while.

Children are free to choose their own colours, go at their own pace, and be as creative as they want as they watch their own creations come to life on the loom!



We want everyone to be able to enjoy the luxury and beauty of hand woven products, whether it be in your home or fashion choices.

Our three ranges of ethical and eco-friendly fashions, accessories and home wares mean high quality products are available and accessible for all; starting with our everyday range, moving through to our Paddock to Product range, hand crafted with 100% local alpaca, and finally our signature range, which incorporates hints of silk and other natural fibres.

We invite you to come and explore what Ashculme Textiles is all about. Get creative, learn about our process, meet the alpacas, make something beautiful, share a cuppa, make new friends and discover a new art form!